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Hi there

I like to write. I like to make movies. I currently work for the wonderful nonprofit Mozilla as a writer and video producer, fighting to keep the internet open and accessible for everyone. Go download and use the latest version of Firefox. It's completely new and faster than ever. It's also the only independent, nonprofit browser in the world. Mozilla Firefox won't track you or sell your info to anyone. Mozilla cares about the internet, and believes it can save the world.

I'm also working on a podcast about science, technology, and society tentatively called Fascinate. Finally, I'm writing more fiction these days, which I'll post on this site and probably Amazon (for Kindle).

I am extremely fortunate and grateful that I get to write for a living, and that you read what I write. You are so awesome. Thank you.

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You can hire me to make cool stuff for your organization. I'd love to help tell your story. Here's my resume.