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Inland Metal

Second semester at SFSU I took a job in the shipping department of Inland Metal. Full disclosure: My stepdad worked (and still does) at Inland. He got me the job. I worked full days packing cellphone tower antennas. You know..Read More

Aviation Instruments

After I got fired from Copy Max, I hit up the old job board at Solano Community College. An actual cork board with printed job listings. A company called “Aviation Instruments” (I think) was hiring a part-time office worker. The..Read More

Wherehouse Music

Just couldn’t get enough of this place. Second stint at Wherehouse music. Got a raise to $5.15/hour and started working at the North Texas Street store in Fairfield, CA. Again, I alphabetized CDs and cassettes, ran the register, and helped..Read More


I left Pipe Shields when my school schedule became too erratic for a nine-to-five job. Plus I became pretty disillusioned with office work after the time sheet fiasco. Enter CopyMax, where I made the wildest print jobs come true using..Read More

Solano Community College

Enrolled in Solano Community College, undecided major. Signed up for the basics required for transfer to a state school, a creative writing class, and two anthropology classes. I was elated to have choice in what I could learn. I remember..Read More

Wherehouse Music

Yes, they spelled it that way. It was founded in the ’80s when misspellings were clever. Second part-time job at the infamous music store. I alphabetized CDs and cassette tapes, ran the cash register, and helped the manager open and..Read More


My first job in the Solano Mall, Fairfield, CA. Part-time salesperson and cashier in the sportswear department of JCPenny during the holidays. One time a lady called and asked if we carried a Braves parka. I looked around, saw an..Read More