Stories define us. They delight, they teach, they motivate. Stories make us human and there’s nothing I like more than a good story. Except maybe cats.

I write stories for myself, for publications, and for businesses. I’m a journalist, fiction author, marketing copywriter, and tech writer. I’ve been writing and telling stories for more than 20 years. Stories are the best way to communicate with people, whether you’re giving them news, igniting their imagination, asking them to buy your product or service, or teaching them how something works.

I’ve helped Apple, Adobe, Square, Logitech, Mozilla, and many other organizations tell their stories through customer case studies, marketing materials, press releases, and web copy.

My work has helped organizations reach millions of people. These stories drive organizations and help them meet and exceed business goals. They inspire employees and customers alike and they’re key to progress and success.

I can help you and your organization tell the stories that motivate employees and create loyal customers.

I also produce the cutting-edge science podcast Through the Unknown.

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