A Simple Procedure

The rock hit when I was 12, a messenger flung from some far-off solar system that promised to solve humanity’s problems. And all we did was use its glorious alien tech to make money. Telekinetic factory workers slaving away under […]

Super Wood

In 1940 the de Havilland aircraft company introduced the Mosquito—a combat aircraft made almost entirely out of wood. A few years later the famously fastidious Howard Huges built the Spruce Goose out of, well, spruce (and other woods). In the […]

Serotonin and Depression

Prozac was a miracle for my depression—until it wasn’t. In this episode I explore serotonin’s role in depression and why people like me experience “Prozac poop-out syndrome.” Featuring Dr. George Keepers, Professor of Psychiatry at the Oregon Health and Science University’s […]